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“How I secured $20k in 45 Days (with 100 followers)”

Using my Power P.L.A.Y. method -I use this with my private clients and now I’m sharing this with you LIVE on my class.

Mark your Calendar: Tuesday, December 11th @ 7 PM CST

You will learn how to:

  • SET SPECIFIC GOALS: How to determine your business goals, set them, and make them happen.

  • DETERMINE YOUR PREMIUM CLIENTS: Learn how to work with your ideal clients and find them in 1 day.

  • POSITION YOURSELF AS AN EXPERT: How to allow companies and brands to find you without thousands of social media followers or likes.

  • TAKE ACTION: How to create an action plan and make it happen without procrastinating.

If you’re wondering:

  • What’s holding me back from reaching my potential?

  • How do I start my business and make moves now?

  • Why aren’t things happening for me RIGHT now?

Join me for the call and let’s strategize your next move

Want me to coach and consult you? I’m accepting 5 new clients this month.
These are things I can help you with:

  • Creating your first consulting/coaching offer (I earned over $3,000 on my first coaching offer that I launched & created in 5 days)

  • Managing your Money on the GO – I help my clients Eliminate Debt and Build their bank accounts (I’ve helped clients eliminate over $20,000 in debt and start saving 30% of their revenue each month.  They did all of this without sacrificing their social life).

  • Implement a SOLID Startup Business (I help my clients create a sustainable business with over 3 streams of revenue in 90 days)

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Tiara Davis, MBA | Business Strategist & Money Coach

I help side hustlers, full time bosses, and aspiring entrepreneurs create their Power P.L.A.Y. so that they can exceed their money goals, work with premium clients, and build a passionate business on purpose.

I worked as a Senior Financial Analyst in Corporate Finance for 7 Years where I created financial processes, led financial projects to increase efficiency, and managed the financial planning and analysis for million-dollar companies.

I Defied the odds – doubled my income and advanced to Financial Management in 2 Years.

I founded a nonprofit for women in 2016 called C3 Women’s Network. Since then, we have hosted over 20 workshops in the community to connect and create a safe space for women to excel.

I helped develop a mentoring program for young ladies, called C3 Junior League where we are building the next generation of Goal Diggers by instructing a 5-month curriculum and providing college scholarships to support their success.

I quit the Corporate job to use my passion and help others thrive by making intentional moves; within 90 Days, I:

  1. Replaced 75% of my income in 9 Days

  2. Secured $20k in 45 Days

  3. Became a Managing Partner for a Logistics Company

  4. Started hiring employees to help meet the demands of my Dream Clients

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I get paid to:

  • Travel the US to train and facilitate workshops at Fortune 500 Companies.

  • Coach side hustlers and aspiring bosses to be intentional and position their business for 6 figure success in 60 days.

  • Prepare and deliver monthly dashboards to Business Owners of their income, expenses, and personalized strategic metrics to track the progress of their company.

  • Implement business processes and enhance profit strategies for Businesses using my Power P.L.A.Y. method.